Two rock songs by Sonnyyboy & the Pocketguys

Me and some friends recorded a couple of songs in our rehearsal room a couple of weeks ago. In the meantime I’ve tried to make the tracks sound as good as possible :wink:

Check out the tracks at

Recording details:
Soundcard: Focusrite Saffire Pro 10. Drums miked with Shure Beta 52 (kick), Sennheiser e905 (snare), Sennheiser e904 (toms) and Samson C02 condensers (hihat and overheads). Marshall VBA bass stack miked with Shure Beta 52. Marshall JMP/Marshall 4x12 guitar stack miked with Shure SM57. Vocals done with Shure SM58. Organ: Nord Stage.

VERY well covered on both songs - stoner classic is my favorite Leslie West solo. No one will ever get it as good as he did. Great try though.

Let us hear 'em when you replace that slacker drummer. :laugh:

He’s great!

Hey WS, your songs arn’t streamin right now, I’ll try later. I like the way dmusic offers their radio stations. Very cool!
Ill listen when I can.

Sounds darn good to me. really like the drummer too.

Awsum! :)