Two Words About

Insurance Companies

F#ck Me! :angry:

Remember this – the insurance adjuster’s job is to find ways to not pay the claim, or a least limit the payout to the absolute minimum that they can get away with.

… and here I thought you were gonna say “THEY SUCK!” (Because they DO.)


I have All State but when we had the fires out here a year ago, apparently they were screwing people who’s homes burned down. I heard AAA did not do this, i.e, that they were good.

Doesn’t matter, insurance is still a big rip off.

as Mr. Tom Petty said

Take back your insurance, baby nothin’ is gauranteed
You’re jamming me.

Oh well, there goes the new DAW, there goes the new sound card, be replacing crap outta my pocket around here. And reading an insurance policy, jeepers, ya need a lawyer to translate. But it’s ok, cause, I PAID MY PREMIUMS ON TIME SO I’M STILL COVERED! :angry: