Tzaddik Katamar

for review

please go to my webpage by clicking on the WWW buton just below and tell me what you think of this.

I used a drum machine for the time being. I hope to change that soon to something real.

Played around with some bass

Played around with a cool distortion VST plug-in

a little too much acoustic guitar for my taste, but its pretty good quality sound

I especially liked the sound of the accoustic guitars on ‘Anim Zemiros’. Would you be so kind to share exactly how did you record the guitars to get that sound - microphone setup, strings, guitar type, etc. Much appreciated!

The acoustic sound on that one was by plugging my electric acoustic into a Yamaha AG Stomp box (not around anymore but available once in a while on eBay) and playing around until I got it to sound almost like a dubro. I think there ws some chorus and reverb but I don’t remember. The purists will tell you to onl record acoustic with mics, but I say sometimes if you’ve got a good trick, use it!

Thanks for your response. One more question - do you know what type of pickup do you have on your acoustic-electric guitar (magnetic, piezo, etc.) and where is it installed?

it’s a piezo. I believe it’s under the saddle