work in N-track

I am interested in buying a UAD-1 card. The univeral audio site does not list N-track as a compatable application, but I thought maybe they had never tested it in N-track. They say it works in Cubase and since I have never tried anything that DIDN’T work in N-track I am tempted to buy it. I called 8th street audio and they said if I tried it I could not return it.
Has anyone here tried it in N-track?

Hi Larrye:
Here, where I live I have, who I call my RADAR Buddy… He is a distributer of these cards. He has sold two of them to a friend of ours, who uses a P-4 in his setup. I believe he has an ASUS/intel setup… but he is not an n-Track user. I’m interested in these cards but, I think the plugs that this guy has invested in, are quite expensive. I hear that the UAD-1 system/setup will recognize DX and VST plugs of all descriptions… however I’m not sure that what I say is true… What I hear is, the UAD-1 takes a huge load off the CPU resourses of the DAW… I have a feeling that these cards come with “Baggage”… Like added “Latencies”… Haveing said that, I’m not so sure that this is true… Well… But multi-track editors, including n-Track are able to combinsate for it… If the UAD-1 recognizes all DX and VST plugs, then I think the DAW/UAD-1 combination with any multi-track editor combo, should work… Mabey, Flavio should be asked… the question… These UAD-1 cards don’t come cheap…


I thought the UAD1 only runs its own specific but apparently very good plugins. It usually gets good reviews .I’m fairly sure someone in the past was using one , hopefully someone will give you a definitive answer.

I called Same Day music and they said it was returnable, so I oredered it. It is VST but uses a wrapper to work on DXI. I will see if it works and try to remember to let you know how it works.

I can report I have installed UAD-1 and N_track 3.3 works perfectly with it. Latency? I don’t know yet, but the tracks seem to play in sync. Haven’t mixed down yet as just got the UAD-1

Hi Larrye:
I’m glad for you… And that you have the UAD-1 installed and up and running… If you could, can you post your DAW’s hardware specs. Graphics Card, M/B, and ram , and all…?? It would be interesting to see just what combination of hardware, that card is working with…



P-4 3.0 ghz, asus P4P800-E delux mb(intel 865? chipset) 1 gig samsung ram, Aardvark 2496 soundcard, vanta tnt cheap AGP.
N-track v-3.3

Last night I tried to use it on my first real mix. Had one issue show up. With compensate plug-ins checked everything was in sync EXCEPT for drawing volume envelopes. THERE is where latency shows up, the envelopes have to be drawn to the right to allow for it and this of course won’t work, I don’t know why n-track is sending this information ahead of the wave info? ANY IDEAS? I have not had time to investigate how to make this work, probably all automation will be out of sync. If you process the volume envelope destructively it works, but I don’t want to do that.

Since I rebuilt this computer and had do do a reinstall of everything I don’t have n-track pref. just the way I want them.
1. How do you get the tool bar reminder cues to show up, I can’t remember.
2. Which is soundcard timer? wave or system?

any help appreciated.

I wish I could help you… I know someone up here will jump in. Mabey, Flavio will know some of the answers… It’ll be nice when you get that issue resolved. It’s a minor one, I think… A work around might be…

Don’t vol draw till you get the effects per track, sounding the way you want them to… Then render the tracks after that process… Mabey… Well, just an idea…


I should say as well… That setup looks pretty nice…

Wave timer is generally preferred. I can’t find the tool tips setting and I’ve just noticed mine do not appear either! Hmmm…


EDIT** I just shutdown and restarted n-Track. Now the tool tips are back! Strange…

EDIT** I just shutdown and restarted n-Track. Now the tool tips are back! Strange.........
Resource (memory)'s a bit of a V4 ongoing problem. :)

Which is soundcard timer? wave or system?
The wave timer is the clock on the soundcard. Use that unless there are problems.