Ubuntu Linux 11.4

running n-track in WINE

Okay, I don’t know how well the newer versions of n-track will run, but I got my older version (2.3) to run in Ubuntu Linux 11-04 under the Wine emulator. I opened a song file, and it RAN IT!!!

You might be wondering why I think this is a big deal. I’ve been trying for 10 years to get n-track to run in Linux, with no success. It would load, but none of the files would run, and you couldn’t create new songs, either.

I will be testing it rigidly, finding out what faults and flaws are evident. Once I purchase the upgrade to the newest version, I will also install that and see if I can get it to work in Linux.


HEy thanks for the update.

if they parsed it to Mac OS X, and iOS 5 it shouldn’t be that far off to do so for Linux.

they may have to go back to earlier versions like 3 or 4 before the code got all bogged down with add-ons to do so and rebuild it from their but it would be a start.


The reason 2.x works is it has no .NET requirements and will run on regular old C DLLs which is what WINE is emulating. So congrats on getting this far and let us know in another 10 years when you get the hardware and JACK to actually work properly in Linux. :D


I had not taken notice to what version he was using.
so if I want 2.x to run on the Web OS when it comes out with the right extension it might!

dontcare :cool: