UCA-202 problems!  Soundcard problems!

This is what I’m using as a soundcard on my laptop. When I plug the headphones the 202 you can hear it fine but it won’t record or play throught N-track. HELP!!!


SETTINGS/audio devices - does it show up in there ? -

Dr J


Sorry - i should have also asked you is the Berry selected(blue background) when you looked in audio devices ? -

if you are new to USB soundcards this may help -

USB soundcard will not automatically be selected if the USB unit is plugged in after you open N - N will always default to a prior setting - with the Berry selected in both in and out sections, insert any wave file to N and you should hear it - if not - have you tried it in Audacity or Kristal software (available from link on UCA202 page - if it doesnt work with them the unit may be broken -

Dr J

Question #1 is what the #### is a Berry???????????

Secondly even when I try to record direct, nothing happens. It says there is no recording device? I’ve recorded on this laptop before but the reason I stopped was the sound always had a little crackle to it. So I thought the usb soundcard was the way to go.


Question #1 is what the #### is a Berry - its what you bought (shorthand for us who can spell Behringer) -

go to control panel/sounds and multimedia/audio -

if your Behringer U-CONTROL UCA202 is shown, select for recording and playback - tick, only used prefered devices -

start Windows Media Player, play CD - if you still dont hear anything - then according to the U-CONTROL UCA202 page - “With this ultra-compact, bus-powered interface, you can link your Windows® and Mac® computer with any audio gear. simply plug the interface in a free USB port on your computer and get into the groove”.

isolating this piece “There is no setup or special drivers needed” - and the fact that Behringer say your unit is ASIO compatable - the following may apply -

ASIO drivers are not installed (as far as i know) as a Windows option in Win2K, late versions of XP may have it- therefore your unit should default to WDM or MME drivers -

however if the laptop you are using is a SONY or one that uses the manufacturers own propriety sound drivers - you may find the required drivers that are required to make your unit work directly through Windows OS are not installed -

the Sony Vaio (not latest model) i have works with an Audigy USB unit because the required drivers where installed from the supplied CD -

when the Audigy is not present, software that relies on Windows drivers do not playback or record -

Dr J