ugh...synth line won't go away


i’m using n-track to record songs from guitar through my computer mic. Awhile ago I was going to mess around and put a synth line over a song I wrote. I forget exactly what I did but now this synth line gets superimposed over every song I record on mix down, when I play it in n-track I can’t hear it, but after converting it to mp3 it’s there. even when I choose “new song” it still puts that #### thing in there. How can I get rid of it? I even tried reinstalling…it’s still freaking there

er um…I had this program for 7 years and still haven’t found that button! Don’t even know what a synth line is or why one would need one…lol
But I can’t think of why a function would be in every new file you open, unless it’s like a virus or something or is being generated by another app.
If you have any other apps you use on this DAW I would suggest you list them if you think they might be responsible. IE fruity loops/ cool edit, ect.
I think I’ve heard someone with a simular problem a couple years back…at least the symptoms were simular…as for the cause.
I think they had a midi file that was somehow imbedded or something and showed up in every mixdown, don’t remember how or if they fixed it either…sorry can’t be of more help…

BTW it could be helpful to list your OS, along with soundcard info and pluggins ect…just to to see if anyone with a simular configuration has had this happen…
One thing I can think of. Try starting a new file, but give it a name other than (new song_1) sometimes you can have two files both names (new song_then a number) especially if you have more than one hardrive or partition. If your new file were names say “Cold pepper” than all the newly recorded tracks would be coldpepper_1 cold pepper_2 so on and so forth.
This might help eliminate any other file with a simular name from being included in your mixdowns…just thinkin’ out loud.