uh oh.

save me from the jug bands!

So, now I’m out of haitus, I guess. Soon I will redirect my songwriting efforts to a more commercial, radio-friendly bent in an effort to maybe make a few bucks. But until then, there’s a few backlogged ideas I wanted to spew forth first.
Which brings us to today’s offering. It seemed like a good idea to wear overalls without a shirt, chew on some grass, wear a straw hat, tune the geeee-tars to a G chord, get a beer bottle for a slide a see what happens.


When non-country folks do country, even with good intentions, the result is cheese. And since I wanted more backwoods mountain country than current pop-country, the result is closer to cheez-whiz. add in some bad 60’s-level praise lyrics that sounded like they were written by Norman Greenbaum’s 12-year-old ‘special needs’ nephew, and some background vocals that sound like they came from Donnie Iris’s “Ah! Leah!” (blast from the past, look it up at playlist.com if you don’t remember that one), and you have what i came up with.

With sincerest apologies to Pops, Ange, and any other country fan, this wasn’t supposed to be a mockery, just havin’ fun. I like country, too, by the way. I just can’t do much besides bastardize it.

details available on request. have fun. it’s called ‘my lord’.

jdet - what a pleasant surprise. Great ditty.
Love your pickin’ in this one - man you are 2 talented dudes… :laugh:

So this is just John Doe?

Great - I’ll loop this one - gimme my jdet fix for hours! :agree:

Just read your note above - why would anyone think this is what it is? A great tune.

As for the non country folks doin’ country? We got over that back in the early '70s when Pure Prairie League rocked us with Amie. Every bar in Nashville had a circle of producers and record executives around the jukeboxes scratching their heads saying "Why can’t we do that?"

Love it jdet

the .wav file for optimum backwoods clarity was posted, and this might be the link.


I still love that song “aime” and turn it up whenever it comes on. did the exec’s circle the wagons the same way with “convoy”?

good luck again.

As I recall they missed another act in 74 75? And did the same head scratchin’ act. They never have learned. They wouldn’t touch a band out of Memphis and as I recall, they signed with ABC in L.A. in spite of the Buzz their ‘demo’ tapes had made on the street.
Amazing Rhythm Aces… great band - great record Too Stuffed To Jump - third Rate Romance. What a record.

i thought that might be the song i remember from Sammy Kershaw’s remake. so I looked it up. yep. that is a great tune! what a great laid-back groove.

That’s a great sound you’ve got there Jdet.

Mind me asking what instruments you used on it all?

Cool tune Jdet, cool message too.

Reminds me of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils. That’s a good thang! :)

In the early to mid 70’s I was working in a country radio station where the powers that be wouldn’t allow “Lyin’ Eyes” on the playlist cuz the Eagles weren’t country.



p.s. (really, they still aren’t)

Hey Jdet, I’ve not heard your vocals like this b4, I love 'em, It’s got a great feel and a good message, the picking’s great too and it’s not ridiculously predictable, this is class Jdet. :agree:

Ange x

You tell me how awful you are at this kind of thing, then sucker punch me.
Really good, whether it sounds overly country or not. Much of what’s called country now sounds closer to the Eagles and Southern Rock than what was traditionally called country, anyway. And for the record, I couldn’t sound country if I had to, and that’s almost a sin living in Tennessee.

thanks all. I do appreciate the comments. my first real hack at a country/type song.
ok craig, since you asked-
the rhythm section consists of three guitars–1) panned center is the classical, picked and capo’ed up; 2) panned right is a steel string plastic-type turtleback played with a glass slide; and 3) panned left is my ol’ Yamaha strat copy, finger-picked, mic’s through my little pignose amp. the electric guit. solo is also finger-picked. the bass is straight into the board with MDA Combo plugin. drum is as it sounds-just a snare with brushes. the fake jug sound is an empty 2-liter played like a jug. the backing voices start at 3 parts and by the end there are 6. My wife was kind enough to redo the top soprano part at the end-i had one but it was strained. they’re processed through a reverb plugin (ambience) and compressed.

wow. that’s a lot of blabbering. time for a beer.
cheers to all!


I need a hi-speed connection…

I gotta take the time it takes and open that link…
Third Rate Romance…
What a great song…
The drummer on one stage I worked on…
did that one…
We’d be bar’d from the bar
if we didn’t have an Eagle’s song on the playlist…

I’ve been watching the Eagles Farewell Tour DVD that was done in Melbourne…
I think it was done in '92…
What a great live concert those guys do…
Where would they be without Joe Walsh
and the Bass Player…
and the rest of them…


p.s. O.K. jason… you’re on… Thanks for the link…

I can only stream it in Lo-Fi…
The song has great energy…
In Broad band/HiFi the percussion has great mix with the instruments… However, the song for me stops while it buffers to play another 10-15 seconds…
I’m gonna download it and then play it all at once…

Shame-on-Me again for having a modem and dialup…


Shame on you and me both, Bill.

Hey man this is 100 times better than the phoney-ass country up and down the dial in Htown! Real fun bouncy sound to this, I love the super resonant backup vocal split. Did you use some effects for those vocals? Even though it’s totally different than your other stuff there is that chord, next to the last in the verse I think, the half step over the tonic, that makes it yoursfor sure. Great tune whether someone likes country or not, I don’t care who you are, how can you resist?

thanks man. yeah, the end of the chorus is D-minor/Ab-major/G-major progression, using Ab as a ‘reverse leading tone chord’ into the G major, just to give it a little spice, so it’s not C-D-G every time. the backing vocals are rather highly compressed, and a reverb plug I love called ‘ambience’ is used. it’s free and really versatile.
this song got put on a soundclick country radio station and it sounds so out of place next to everything else it’s funny. It’s probably more of a bluegrass song than straight country, anyway.

It ain’t country.

It ain’t Blue Grass.

It’s JDET Mountain Music!