Um, so....

whats the weather like where you live?

Here in England it’s kinda cloudy, a little cold…and getting dark at 4:30pm…

This has got to be the first time that i have started the most interesting thread on the first page


70’s and sunny Elmhurst, Il

Foggy - middle 40’s this morning - upper 60’s and sunny this afternoon - we’re on Mount St.Helen’s eruption watch (90 miles down the road, so there is no danger of course).

Nice around here.

Flint is getting Elmhurst’s weather today. :)


70, Sunny in Oceanside, CA…every fucking day. bah. :angry:

Big Timber, MT sunny, upper 40s low 50s. I move to Jamaica in three weeks…low 80s to low 90s always…


70, Sunny in Oceanside, CA
Yeah - So. CA weather sures s*cks doesn't it?

Ed - how long are you in Jamaica?

Here on the east coast fall is takeing hold… The sun is getting lower in the sky, everyday… No sun no heat… The leaves are 20-25% now… The price of heating fuel is gonna skyrocket… This winter… so they say… Most of us here is stuck on South American Crude… Well, that’s where most of it comes from… for us…

Phoo… Were you there in the '80’s? For the last one… ? I’m sort of thinking you are North-west of Mount St. Helen… Could I be right in thinking that?


Nope. I was in NC watching it on the news, having no idea I’d ever bout this far west.

And not quite. We’re almost directly NNN to NNE from MSH. Mount Rainier is 60 miles SSE from us. We can see Rainier clear as bell (clear days). It’s amazing that thing is that far away and that big. It’s still active too, but hasn’t done anything in many many many years. When that goes there is probably going to be a major disaster on our hands.

Quote (silvermachina @ Oct. 01 2004,14:47)
70, Sunny in Oceanside, CA...every fucking day. bah. :angry:

How do you lot put up with all that sunshune, all that glare, eye squinting and sweating. Rusting them guitar strings and warping them nice guitars. It's always grey and cloudy, here in Manchester U.K. That's the way we like it and the guitars stay in tune.


Hi Phoo:
Thanks for that link… I don’t fully understand what I see there but in the comming days I’ll “Bone-up” on what’s shown there. I’m listening at our 6pm news-cast here… They are giving it Big-Time status over here… I goes to show us how miniscule we really are on this Big-Blue-Ball…


Bookmaker this link. It’s whatever is current upclose and personal at MSH, South Ridge. Compare it to the others to see just how active it is right now. Nope, it’s not over yet by any means.

I have bookmarked this link… I’ll be watching… This is so fastenating… Thank you, phoo…


I’m in Cholula, Puebla. Mexico. It’s completely cloudy and here, inside home I’m at 21.5 celsius degrees (70.7 degrees Fahrenheit). Outside is really hot around noon but this house is very very cold (it was nicknamed “the freezer” by the previous owner).

I’m near a volcano too but winter is the time when it shows more activity. You can see the latest photos of it here.

EDIT: The peak of the volcano is about 40 km from here (that’s 24 miles).

Ya, another stunning day up here. Went out with the dog, took pictures, and marveled at such a wonderful day…we called this “earthquake weather” in Califonia…FWIW…


We call this just another day as fall goes on to winter and snow… lol… The sun shines but it’s getting lower and lower in the sky at noon-time… Lot’sa frost this morning. At +2c But it’s on it’s way to 15c, by noon…


Dublin, Ireland. 90 degrees in the shade. 350 days of sunshine per year.

Quote (Jow @ Oct. 01 2004,10:14)
Here in England it's kinda cloudy, a little cold...and getting dark at 4:30pm....


It's gettin' cold wer're Im standin' pilgrim. -Me no likey.