Unable to hear the recording back

Hello there everyone, ok, I think that I’m a spaze on this Ntrack. Now here is what I have done.
You plug into the input on the computer correct? Ok I did that.
I can see the meters moving when I’m playing but nothing is recording on the track 1 or what ever track I use when I record it is just a solid line. Now when I press to play it back there is nothing but dead air, can someone please help me.
I had no problem with this a couple of weeks ago but now with the new upgrade I dont know if it is that or if I’m just a spaze on this.

Thank you
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First off, check your preferences/audio devices and make sure you have the correct devices selected, input and output of whatever soundcard you are plugged into. If you up-graded and let nTrack install with out saving your settings then everything goes back to initial settings.

This was from your earlier post a while back

insert blank audio track - arm track for recording - click on live button - now you should hear your playing - use input VU meter as a guide to input level -


Magic Rabbit wrote that. Maybe that helps?

Thank you everyone for the reply, but no it is not that, I can hear myself play over my speakers that is great. But there is the problem of me recording. Nothing is recording, it seems the meters are moving but when I try to play back what I recorded there is nothing.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong will read the manual, but dont understand last time I hooked up my tape deck and recorded old drum tracks off my tape and it recorded no problem, now with when I use my keyboard some reason there is nothing, try to adjust my record master but not sure how to do that either.

Thanks everyone for your help on this matter.

Take care

Make sure you select the right input when you arm the track. This is the only thing I can think of right now, if something else hits me I’ll post it. Good luck.