Unable to Open File???

OK folks, I’m a newbie at this but so far I’ve really appreciated the help I’ve gotten off this forum. I hope someone else has encountered this problem…

After I’m done drawing volume envelopes I want to destructively edit the track. When I hit the button to rewrite the tracks with effects/envelopes, it thinks for a few moments, and then tells me ‘unable to open file’. I’ve made sure that the wave file is not ‘read only’ but this doesn’t seem to help.

Please help me.


Hmmm… ???
Not exactly sure what the problem could be.
Have you set n-Tracks working directory under Preferences > Paths?
You could try saving the song, closing n-Track, re-launch n-Track, open that song and try again.
Another method you could try, other than destructively editing, would be to do a mixdown of that single track.
That way you would still have the original wave file and the mixed down copy.
If you try the mixdown method, make sure to show the “More Options” in the mixdown dialog.
This will give you the options of selecting single tracks, stereo/mono channels, bit depth, sample rate, dither and you can have the mixed down file substitute the original track.

I know this doesn’t explain the problem of “unable to open file”, but maybe it will help getting you where you want to go.

Thanks for the options.

I will probably have to use the mixdown method you described.

I’ve already done the relaunch, restart of the computer, twirled around three times, etc…