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Disturbing Thoughts


"Now, I find the part about bombing Republican Guard barracks troubling. Please don’t misunderstand: Saddam’s regime was loathsome and I strongly supported its overthrow. But the idea of slaughtering soldiers in their barracks when they are completely unaware that they are in a war—can someone explain why leftists, for whom everything Bush does constitutes a war crime, found themselves with absolutely nothing to say?

As a conservative, I am extremely hesitant to condemn an American President’s use of force against a genocidal monster, but for people on my left, who can seriously claim that putting a bag over a prisoner’s head to humiliate him is a war crime, shouldn’t killing hundreds, if not thousands, of Iraqi troops in a series of punitive strikes be recognized as more like the genuine article?"


yeah,but by putting a bag over a prisoner’s head, you hurt their feelings! Their FEELINGS! They are human too, ya know!!!


It wasn’t just people on the left who are concerned about torture. John McCain & Lindsey Graham fought raised the concerns on the right.

It’s really simple: torture is wrong & it doesn’t yield good intel. Water-boarding is wrong. Doing the stuff they did to the prisoners in Abu Ghraib was wrong.

As a conservative, you ought to be concerned with giving the President power to basically make anyone he chooses an enemy combatitant & wisking about their habeas corpus rights. Unfortunately, the fight against terrorism has clouded people’s thinking for the most part, except for many Libertarians who GET IT.

As a liberal, there’s just so many that’s going wrong now it’s just plain hard to keep up with it all.