Undesirable compression

Good time of day for all. I have question about using n-Ttack 9 with android device. For example i have one track with drums. Before pressing PLAY button it sound little louder. It seems like there some sort of compressor on the MASTER track. The same situation with guitar. How to disable this “compression”?
Here is example https://www.mboxdrive.com/My_New_Song__2020-04-23_12-06-14[1].mp3

n-Track includes a soft clipping function on the master channel to avoid distortion when the signal is too high. This engages only when the sound is about to clip. To remove the resulting dynamics compression you can simply lower the master volume to avoid the signal from starting to clip. The soft clipping will not engage in that case.

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Ok. Thank you. I’ll try to do it.