Unexpected Roland Midi synth upgrade


Hi there !

I’ve had a JV1010 for my midi needs. Then one of my colleagues decided that they wanted to upgrade the sounds of their keyboard without replacing the keyboard - so I showed him the JV-1010 as a possible option.

He started looking for one then, but could only find a JV1080 (which was too big and bulky for his portable needs).

So we came to an agreement - He buy the JV1080 and we swap (with me paying the difference to him between what my 1010 is worth and what he payed for the 1080).

I ended up trading a JV1010 with about 160 US$ for a JV1080 with 3 boards on it - Session, OrchestralII (with Celtic instruments on it !) and SFX. It also came with 2 datacards loaded with the dude’s own sounds…

Now I have a lot more flexibility in the control I have over the cool sounds that comes with this deal, as well as multiple outputs for easier ‘wavifying’.

Its not that the 1010 wasn’t good, it’s just that I now have way better options …

:cool: :cool:

Awsum trade there Wihan, congrats on that one!:D