Unique Spam Method

anyone seen this before?

The other day, I was bored and surfing through Ntracks links.

I came across this link called Taxi.com, neat site so I checked it out.

Anyway, long story short, I’m looking for a producer, so I emailed a couple of people over there claiming to be such.
When I email someone, I put their adress into a file incase I get a vague email back, and I need to know what the original query was about.
So today I get this email advertizing Tshirts for bands, Cd cover ect. I think to myself, Maybe when my albums done, I’ll need this, so I’ll file this one under, “band stuff” and use it later.
I thought the email looked familiar from the start. When it goes into my file, low and behold, it’s identical to one of the emails adresses I sent producer request to.

So this leads me to two different conclusions.
The advertisment was a hoax, designed to lure musicians into responding, only to use thier info for an outgoing campaign.

Or the less likely IMHO
The producer isn’t doin to good and has to moonlight as a Tshirt designer.

Am I missing something here?


Hi jeremysdemo:
You’re right… and I think some, if not all of what you’re saying is true. I think, but I’m not positive, that the Taxi Page is a community that musicians go to if they’re interested in connecting with Similar/Like Artists… I call ita Flee Market, so as to, Market/Flogg/Pitch your Wares, in thier community… If it’s used properly by the users, it could land you some work… On the other hand, it could land you some Junk in your Mail-Box… It’s the Line of a Song… The Door is Always Open… Comm’on In… :laugh: :p


You got that right Bill,

My doors definitly open, and every Tom, Dick and Harriet waltzes right on in.
It’s not that bad actually, at least I’m getting emails! :laugh:

keep shinin’