synth effect for most tracks

on some soft synths there is a UNISON button - clicking on the button causes a thicker, ritcher sound to be generated -

unison is a term used where the frequency of the synths osciilatiors sre detuned both UP and DOWN by the same amount - if the synth has three oscillators then only two are detuned the other being left alone - the amount of detuning varies on the depth required, generally it is between 1 and 3 cents (1 to 3/100 of a note) anyway its a very small amount -

HOWEVER, UNISON can be applied to practically all instruments and vocals to give a track more depth (PHAT) - i was given the track below to see what could be done with it - the artist HATES reverb and i dislike EQ and amp/cab simulators so that pretty much rules out 99.0000% of effects - in the demo i have cloned the rhythm guitar track 3 times - i opened the properties for one of the cloned tracks and (as i was going to cut the track using the LOWER TRANSPOSE controls) i clicked IN the +/- sign and typed in +0.1 then enter - the other track i did the same but this time i typed in -0.1then enter -

1 track is the same as it was, one track is shifted up 100th of a note and one track is shifted down 100th of a note - the shifted tracks are then panned hard left and right - i did the same on the bass track and on the lead track - and to lighten it up a bit more i added a full octave shift on top of the centre tracks a couple of times - all parts of the demo where played on the same guitar and layered correctly in the song so it was easy to cut the tracks to bring the unison effect in and out as i wanted -

download the unision demo here -



I use “clone ensemble” for that. Lets you choose unison only or unison up to x64 (I think without checking)
plus alto and bass - cool little tool.