Unprecedented Customer Support

Can’t beat this type of support

Less than 16 hours ago, I made a request for a new feature,


A right click option has near the bottom “Place Cursor At” and has the following options:

“Beginning of part”
"End of part"

What is needed here is, a new option added to the above location:

“Place part at cursor”

This new feature is already done and included in the latest build N-Track 6. v2472,


Song Start/Stop markers allow to define the points at which song playback will start and end [New Feature]

Not only has this feature been included but it’s far more robust that I ever thought it would be. This kind of support for any software is simply unheard of. Flavio deserves all the credit here and with this type of support and attention to detail, N-Track is a winner in my books. For the price and features it can’t be beat and it will continue to improve as new features and requests by it’s users are implemented.

Many thanks to Flavio for giving such excellent support to N-Track.


Yes, I agree. The customer support for NTrack is second to none.

…maybe this is the right time to wish for solo-able aux channels…?