Updated and crashed...Help

I have run an earlier version of n-track for some time with good result.

I’ve updated to ver. 5 and had good luck for a few weeks, I was notified when I opened my program of a new update. I downloaded it (save), I started the update and got a message that said n-track would reinstall. My PC auto re-booted and now when I start n-track I get a windows message.

"ntrack.exe has generated errors and will be closed by windows"

Now what??

I just downloaded the “small” version of buld 2194. After going through the removal of the old version, I got a message that there was a problem with the Windows Installer ( don’t remember the exact wording). So, I downloaded and saved the “big” 31MB version. It installed OK, but upon opening it for the first time and telling it to keep my old config file, only the MME and ASIO drivers showed up in the list. My WDM drivers for both my cards are gone from the list. The setting for this dialog box is to show MME, WDM, and ASIO devices.

Looks like there might be some problems with 2194.


Oh No!

Not what I wanted to hear at all. I need my DAW to get some working projects posted ASAP.

Would it work to delete it all and reload an earlier version or does someone know of an easier fix. :(

My problem exactly…no WDM drivers listed. Tried reinstalling my sound card…Audigy 2…no joy. Reverted to the “small” download (2193)…no joy. Went back up to the large download (2194)…the menu is BELOW the toolbars, no WDM drivers available and the program crashes. I have been using ver 5 for some time and this is the first major problem I’ve encountered.


You guys are Killing me.

May the voice of technical sanity & reason respond soon and lead us from this morass.

Dammitt, This is why i’ve always waited before downloading the latest upgrades.

How do you turn that nag feature off in the full version?

It just caught me by suprise. :angry:

BTW: I use a soundblaster Live card. I don’t know about my drivers, I can’t get that far.

Hi Gents:
You are not alone… My P-111 intel machine has shown me most if not all of what you are reporting on this topic. I have a partially removed icon on my XP Desk, of the un-installed build 2193… It opens… the updated build 2194 v5.0.3 icon is there… No wdm drivers as well… MME drivers are all that is shown… The n-Track desk works quite well, so far and as much as I can tell… Version 4 build 2099 shows the wdm drivers and works as “Normal”.

Coming back to build 2193 and 2194…

The about screen reports the same build/information… It says v5.0.3 build 2194… but I know they are different builds… I believe. because of the .sng file that was on the timeline of build 2193… Always when a new build installs, there is no .sng file in/on the timeline on “First-Boot”/“Launch”.

Lets hope we get a build that will FIX this without too much “Back-Tracking”. or or having to re-configure n-Track’s Desk… Sense I’m not Tracking it don’t matter much to me, anyway… sorry to you all you “Real Project Guys”… It happens…

Flavio is working on this…


Build 2195 just came up for download. I’ll check it out tonight when I get home. If someone else can check it today, please post your results. Keep your fingers crossed.


I just installed 2195 and I have the exact same problem as before with a program error.

Still need help guys.

Quote (Bassic_Soul @ Jan. 09 2007,22:45)
My PC auto re-booted and now when I start n-track I get a windows message.

"ntrack.exe has generated errors and will be closed by windows"

When n-track terminates abnormally, (e.g. causes reboot) on my machine, my audio driver is sometimes corrupted. When this happens, I have to tell Windows to remove the driver (via the Windows control panel) and then re-install the driver. Until I do that I get the same behavior that you describe.


Downloaded 2195. It restored the WDM drivers, but now the program crashes every time I stop playback. This after reverting to default settings.

Has this been reported to Flavio? If not please send him you dump file, he can fix it then.

I sent him a dump ~ 3 hours ago.

program crashes every time I stop playback ?

i could not get it to run that far -
Win 2k - crashes before timeline is completed -

gone back to 2193 -

Dr J

Dump file?

What is that?

Hi Guys:
I installed build 2195… It now reports the WDM drivers… All looks “Normal” So far…

However, I have this n-Track icon on the XP Desk that shouldn’t be there… It’s part of the “Removed” build 2193 application… What’s any one’s guess that this might cause some issues, “down-the-road” Does anyone of you “Computer Guys” have any ideas as to how to safely remove this shortcut from this P-111 DAW? And… if there might be any strange artifacts of build 2193 hanging around the registry? and all…


I’ve removed and reinstalled 2195 and still get the same error message.

tspringer said to remove “The” audio driver. When I looked under the device manager there were scores of audio drivers. How do I find which one I should delete?

I could sure use some help here guys, thanks.