Updated Help File?

As I’m learning ntrack and setting my preferences I notice the help file seems to be outdated - making reference to features not included in the newest build and making no mention of some features that are. Do I somehow have an old help file or is this the latest one?

Did ya ask Flav?

Sorry just had to ask. Alot of bootleg copies floatin’ around.

My guess is if it’s missing features your version has it’s older.

keep shinin’

jerm :cool:

I’m not sure how current the help file is. If it is as current as the manual, it is tres out of date with respect with the new “bells and whistles” Flavio has recently introduced. There has been a few of us dropping hints about getting the docs brought up to date. But, so far Flavio hasn’t bit.

On the other hand, with software development, the docs are the last thing you want to tackle. It is far more fulfilling to add a feature or crush a bug than it is to explain how it works.

Thanks Vanclan,
Yeah, I guess this was my way of dropping a hint that the documentation needs to be brought up to date.
I agree that if it’s a choice between having updated docs or bugs fixed/new features I’ll go with the latter everytime.
Actually, this forum offers a lot of updated help
(along with an occasional slightly irritating and highly ilogical innuendo as in the reply before yours).

Hey James, don’t take it personal. Jerm is a great user and has been around for quite awhile. He must have had a bad hair day or something. It is unbelievable how helpful everyone is on this forum. Unfortunately, there was a thread the other day about some cracked copies of n-Track going around, making some members a bit edgy.

Keep the questions coming and there is bound to be a helpful answer come out, which helps everyone.


Thanks Paul,

The helpfullness and courteousy of the users on this forum is what made me decide to purchase ntrack 2 years ago and recently upgrade it to the 24 bit version. This is a great community! Okay, the “more than fair” price swayed me as well. Even though I don’t have the experience (or the remaining brain cells) of a lot of people here, I’ve never felt “talked down to”. It feels like we’re all using and figuring out this program together and sharing what we’ve each learned so far, no head higher or lower. My “beginner sound engineer” can really blossom in this type of enviornment.

I read the post about cracked copies of ntrack being sold and it bothered me but what would bother me more is if we allow the virus of paranoia into our forum as a result of it. I’ve got visions of nazi-like voices telling me things like “ve have ze answers to your question but first you must give us your registration numbers and sign ze papers old man!!” :D

Anyway, thanks again for the thoughtfulness Paul.
Now it’s back to what I come to this forum for: finding more tips, ideas and answers on how I can make better recordings.