Upgrad Process

Need help with upgrade path

Hi All,

I purchaced N a while back and used it for a while. Stop recording for about 6 months and have re-formated my computer. I have no idea how I would go about getting my serial number… my main reason is I would like to start recording again and would like to purchace an upgrade. I would like to pay the upgrade price and not the full price since I am a paid user. I even think my email might have changed since the purchace… .I can probably remember my old email… but how would i be able to prove I am the owner of a legit copy of the software??


Email Flavio and tell him the whole story. If he needs more proof you is you then he’ll ask for it. Give him what you got – purchace date, verion bought, old email address, your real name or the name you used when purchacing it, etc. What ever you can remember. Flavio is understanding and keeps good records as far as I can see.

I am pretty sure I can give him enough info to match his records. When I get home from work I will scour my old emails for a record of the purchace… I usually save emails of that type. I will email Flavio when i get home tonight. Thanks for the help.


Well I actually found the code that was emailed to me by flavio the only thing is I am not sure what version it is for… I also would like to purchace and upgrade… the last email I got from flavio was info@ntrack.com is that still the email I would send my info to?