Upgrade and fail

I just upgraded to v7 build 2983
I have been using this software for probably over 10 years at this point.

Here comes the lag issues again.
I have checked current song speed, settings / preferences / system timer and everything else I can find on this board to no degree of success. Whatever I record will be out of sync with what I have recorded earlier (subsequent tracks get faster).

Additionally, while I am recording, or in playback, the tracks area goes haywire and starts scrolling continuously. There would be no way possible to try and get a marker placed anywhere in the song.

Any suggestions.

Sorry, I’m not being helpful in this reply, but I noticed the scrolling issue in this version. I thought it was a a preferences tick I hadn’t got to, still haven’t got to it but it didn’t seem to effect the last recording session I did. Although I must say I did soil my pants, toss the instrument and race to the desk. For a while I went back to V6 and continued the session but after checking the files during a break decided to forge on with 7. All recordings were good and I’m no further enlightened as to the cause.

I have fixed the lag issue. Had to work with those settings to fix it. Think I might get a break out box in the future to get rid of this issue.

The scolling issue is just annoying. It sure limits what you can do as it happens in both recording and playback making markups useless.

What it is trying to do is return to the beginning of the track. So I can’t pick a place in the timeline to start. I must start from the beginning.

Eventually, after a couple minutes into the track on playback, it will stop.

Does the scrolling depend on the horizontal zoom level? Try scrolling out pressing the toolbar button with the magnifying glass with the minus inside it.
Alternatively you can disable scrolling altogether pressing Ctrl+T (or with the “Transport -> Auto scroll timeline” menu command).


I’ve had the scrolling issue - remedied by left clicking anywhere on the timeline.
Another problem I’ve had with 7 and not 6 is that if the loop button is enabled but no area selected then my CPU usage maxes out - fixed by turning off the loop button. There is not an issue when an area IS selected to loop.

Clicking on the timeline seems to help in playback.
I don’t know if it will make a difference on record.
Horizontal zoom has no effect.