Upgrade for an old user? 1998

I bought N-track back in 1998, don’t even recall the version number. I already emailed Flavio and he responded saying my upgrade would be $25 and gave me the link.

However, it’s a bit confusing. I go to the link to upgrade but I’m not sure how is N-track going to know if I had previously been a registered user?

My email has since changed and so has my physical address. I’m not interested in upgrading from a version to 4.1, but I would need to purchase the COMPLETE program.

Basically I’m asking, what is the cost for an old user to buy the complete 4.1 program?

Hi fscott:
Ya gotta discuss that with Flavio… But If you already have reg #'s then ya don’t have to pay the full registration fee again… As-far-as-I-know, that is correct… Just pay the difference and you’ll be able to run the latest build of v4.1 … when you download and receive the new #'s, for v4.1


Bill’s rght. The upgrade is a price break only. You still get the complete program. Even the demo is the compete program – it just needs V4 codes to unlock the full thing. If the site at the link won’t let you pay the upgrade price then email Flavio back with all info again, including the email change info.