upgrade questions

Hi. This is my first post to the forum. Looks like a great place.

I’ve been using n-Track Studio for about 5 years now (24 bit), but have never upgraded from V 2.1.4. So, I noticed that Verison 4 looks really great, but I wanted to get some input on some things before I take the plunge to upgrade:

First, I have a lot of recorded songs laid down using my earlier version (V2.1.4). Has anyone found any problems usning V4 to process/mixdown material recorded with an earlier version of n Track? Are the file formats the same, and so on?

Second, how does V 4 run with an older (700 MhZ P III processor) Win 98 computer? Can an older processor handle this version without bringing the computer down?

Thanks for any thoughts any of you may have on this!

I think Flavio’s software is great. At one point I tried Cubase, and it was ridiculous in terms of the learning curve. I want to be a musician first and minimize the need to be a computer tech - n-Track lets that become a reality!

File format is different, but I’m pretty sure v4 will open older version songs (it certainly opens v3 ones anyway). You’d just want to make sure you save them with a different name if you want to keep the older version as well.