Upgrade to 4.5 lost version 4.0

Now I need to re-register

Hi all… A while since I posted.

I downloaded 4.5 in order to upgrade from version 4.0 - only to have the 4.5 installation force me to wipe out 4.0, and my registration along with it! I have to re-register or live with the trial version sound pinging every 20 seconds or so…

How does one get one’s original registration information? I sent a notice to Flavio via the support page but I thought the info might be on my computer somewhere and, if so, hoped someone on this forum would know where to 4.0 version might have kept it…


When you registered V4, you also got the right to upgrade to all subsequent versions of V4. However, sometimes you need your codes again as you’ve found out!

The codes are in the registry but they’ve probably been wiped out - hence the problem. If you’ve got access to your old emails, you may be able to find the email with the codes in.

Other than that, your message to Flavio should sort your out…

When he sends you the codes, print them out, burn them on a cd, etch them in stone, and carve them in the road outside your house…



Thanks Mark,

I searched through those old e-mails to no avail. I’ll search again… My e-mail database is HUGE lol.

All the best,


Well what do you know, I found the e-mail. I entered the two nine-digit numbers listed in the e-mail as my key codes (for versions 4.0 and later) in the registration form under the help logo on the N-tracks software, but I still get that awful trial version sound. In the “about” listing I see the software is registered to me. I got the thank-you-for-registering window when I entered in the information. I also shut down the program and started it back up again. Do I need to shut down the computer? I’ll give it a shot. Can’t hurt. But I suspect something else is up… This kind of thing is such a drag. I’ve got my guitar, mikes, etc. all set up and every 20 seconds I get Ding Dong Ding. Oh well.

Could be an unregistered plug… or it could be that your codes are for the 16bit version and you’ve got a 24bit card (or at least N-track is trying to run in 24 bit mode).



Thanks Mark. After you posted I dropped my settings back down to 16 bit and it all worked. The odd thing is that before I upgraded to 4.5 I was using 24 bit just fine. I just checked the “about” screen again and found that I do indeed have the 16 bit version. How do I get the 24 bit version? Maybe when one upgrades to 4.5 one enters a new fee zone regarding 16 vs 24 bit use. I’ll peruse the website to see. I hope I don’t have to pay anything. Mark, you’re a nice guy. I do appreciate your info.


This happened to me originally when I up-grade to 4.0 . E-mailed Flavio and he got it straigtened out. If you have already e-mailed him, he will respond.

Best of Luck

This does seem to have happened to a few people. I wonder if it’s because folks have used different email addresses when registering the different versions? I guess it’s quite hard for Flavio to keep track of who is who without a unique key (like email address).

Mtukufu - glad you got it figured. Let us know how it works out with Flavio. I’m sure he’ll get you sorted.


Heeeeeere’s to Flavio! He e-mailed me in the morning (his time) with registration codes that opened up the 24 bit capacity. He’s kind of like the Pope of home recording isn’t he?


i could really use the 24 bit codes… …if u don’t mind
e-mail em to me