Ok, has any one else had this issue? I upgraded from 4.0.1 to 4.0.2 and now I get a 2 tone sound every 20 seconds and a kind of pop up saying it is an evaluation copy and a tone will be added.
I have a fully registered version, and I have even reloaded it.
Any one have any suggestions??
I am running a compaq P3 800, 512 RAM and Win XP.
I have a EMU 0404 sound card.

You may need to reenter your registration codes that Flavio sent you when you got v4.x originally.

I know I have had to renter it on some of the upgrades and it worked fine after that.


I have re-entered the codes and I still get the pop up. I even tried reinstalling the old version I have, no changeā€¦

Could that be from the compressor or parametric eq?
They do that too. Might have to re enter reg codes
for those too.