Opening songs problem?

hey guys,

i’m planing on upgrading my N to 3.3 build 1516 and right now i use v3.0.5 build 1269. i know the problem that when upgrading, and when you open a song file from a latter version N won’t be able to open it. i just want to know what about my case since it’s has the same version (well not exactly v3.3 vs 3.0.5/ but same v 3 :D ) with diff. builds will the same problem occur? cause i have an un-finished project and i fear this problem.


Hi Dean.

You could prepare your project for ‘porting’ to a later version in this way:

1) render all partial tracks (i.e. tracks not using the entire length of the song) under different names separately, so they all have the same starting point.

2) If you have to use effects with tracks, render them as well, but keep the originals.

3) Export any midi tracks you may have.

4) Make a note (or screenshot, whatever) of the mixer settings you are currently using. Also make a note of buffering settings etc. for reference.

5) Render a rough remix - just for reference.

6) Install new n-Track version - forget using the old song file.

7) Import wave tracks and midi tracks into a new project and save it.

8) Continue as you were…

n-Track v. 3.3 build 1516 is good and stable - at least for me. YMMV

This is just a suggestion - It can also be used to port projects between platforms should you - God forbid - ever have that need…

regards, Nils

nice suggestion nils! i’ll be trying it. so the old song file won’t work anyways?


I think Nils is giving you ‘last resort’ instructions. I’ve not had any trouble opening older V3 songs with newer V3 versions. Might be a good idea to copy your songfile before opening it in Bld1516 just in case. That way, you can go back to the original if need be.


hey teej,
so regardless if mine is v3.0.5 changing to v3.3 (which you gave me. thanks again for that) my old song file will work. well if thats the case… NICE, NICE, VERRY NICE!!! (i’m currently listening to Ambrosia right now ha ha ha:D …

thanks man & peace…

no prob, and yes, N makes this whole recording thingy kinda fun and easy. :)

If you’ve grabbed Bld1516, i’ll delete it.


Hi Dean,
If I’m remembering it right, v4 will handle v3 song files but v4 song files are problems in v3 if you revert back after creating in v4. :D
And v3 songs files work in all v3 builds but don’t always open the effects as you had them saved. I don’t really remember having those problems for a long time. Just had a problem trying to open a v4 song in v3.

The song format did change in v3 - somewhere around 3.2 I think. Same applies as with upgrading to v4 though - you can go forward but not back. Therefore anything you’re working on in a lower version you can open in a later version. The older version won’t be able to open something you saved in a later version though.

Once you’ve upgraded, just make sure you save a new version of the song so that you can go back tio the old one if necessary.

You shouldn’t have a problem though, that final version of 3.3 was the most stable for me - and by a long way compared to some of the earlier v3 builds. Rock solid and never had a problem with it as I recall.


thanks guys be upgrading now.
& teej yeah i’ve got the build thanks.