Version 4 for me wouldn’t even install, let alone run. What possible reason is there to pay to upgrade to version 5?

None. If you can’t get 4.x to even install you’ve got a problem that 5.0 won’t fix. What are the details of your system? Maybe we can help you get 4.x installed and working. Only then will you be able to decide if there’s any point to upgrading.
Please tell us as much as you reasonably can about your system, but most importantly:
Processor type & speed
Windows Version

Quote (drmathprog @ Oct. 15 2006,15:21)
Version 4 for me wouldn't even install, let alone run. What possible reason is there to pay to upgrade to version 5?

I feel your pain. 4.x was totally useless for me. That being said, the beta of v.5.0 worked well, so I took a chance and upgraded to v.5.0. It works well here.



Yep, same for me. V4 did not work well with my system but V5 is doing alright. I will be upgrading shortly.


I shifted from n-Track v. 4.x (which has never truly delivered since I got it, experiencing sluggish performances, choppy sound, and crashes galore) to Samplitude 8 SE (Came for free on the front of a mag, runs like a sweet, professional dream, sounds even sweeter, easy environment to work in), but still I am considering getting - and paying for - the V5 upgrade. $29 isn’t a lot, but if I am not getting any value for money that I don’t already have in Samplitude, then why bother? This truly is a dilemma…

I think I’ll finish off my latest (long overdue) project (using Samplitude BTW, despite of the fact that all the tracking was done using n-Track V3) before I decide…

regards, Nils

I have version 4 something and am also thinking about upgrading. What’s the general verdict on 5? Stable enough yet?


I’m still encountering a few bugs that are difficult to reproduce. Most of them are just little annoying things like the tool bars spontaneously reverting to defaults, but I still occasionally get fatal errors (crashes). 4.21 was very solid for me. I was surprised to hear that some people couldn’t even get it to install.