Upgraded to 5.x. Keep 4.x? When to uninstall 4?

What are the issues with the upgrade?

I have installed version 5.0.2, build 2193. I noted that it installs into its own separate program folder and co-exists with my 4.2.1 (2099) installation. Version 5 does not use the configuration of my version 4 (window settings, preferences), but it will not be a big deal to go through the process of setting up 5 the way I want it.

What are the issues that you are finding with this dual installation?

1. I have a music project that I started in 4. Can I just start opening my current .sng files in version 5 and continue with the project, or will there be problems? Many of the songs are already in final mixdown form. Will they play the same in 5? Or, should I finish the version 4 projects in 4 and only start new projects in 5?

2. At what point do I uninstall version 4? If the answer to the above question is to finish the version 4 projects in 4, then does that mean that I have to keep version 4 installed “forever” if I want the option to tweak a version 4 project in the future?

3. When I do uninstall version 4, I noticed that 5 uses the VST plugin folder of 4. Should I just copy that entire folder over to the version 5 installation? Or what?

I wish the download included instructions on the upgrade process, particularly the above questions, but it doesn’t. Nor does the user’s manual. So I would really appreciate hearing of your real world experiences in making the version 4 to 5 transition.

Hi vivona:
I find myself in this same predicament… I have not addressed this issue as yet… But not addressing it isn’t gonna make it go away… If I open v4 build 2099 and import an .sng file onto the timeline it looks perfect… When I press the “Play” button, the n-Track desk just closes… Nothing happens… So, v4 is of no use to me here, on my setup… The same thing happens on the two dual boot machines I have in the studio… But, without v4 on my machines, I might find v5 on all these desks unworkable… (no VST Plugs) There may be other issues with un-installing Build 2099… I don’t know… The VST Folders are all installed on v4 build 2099…


Those issues should all be handled by n-Track at installation. In theory whatever you did in 4 will be there, just the same, in 5. But there’s a good general rule: don’t switch horses in mid race. Unless there is something in 5 you absolutely can’t live without, stay with 4 until you have a “gap” in your work.

I still have version 3 on a computer for this reason. :)

But I don’t have version 2 anymore. :(

I still have version 3 on the ancient P200 I use to record my band - and it still works perfectly! I don’t think that machine will support n’s newer versions… :)

'til next time;

Hi Tony:
And how’s it going with you? I wouldn’t let v5 go down for the count on that P-11 just yet… I have v5 build 2191 installed all over this place here… On two dual boot DAW’s in the studio and on this P-111 1.2 mhz. machine here… The slowest machine in the studio is an Intel P-111 800 mhz. dual boot desk with XP and '98SE as the desks on two separate drives…


As far as the VST plugins are concerned, all I had to do is move all the VST plugins to a separate folder (I chose C:\Program Files\VST Plugins) and redirect n-Track 4 and 5 to look there by opening the effects settings dialog box and clicking Change and changing the path. Now both programs look to the same place and I can uninstall version 4 whenever I want without affecting my VST plugins.

I had to go to my other audio software and redirect each one to the new VST folder. Now I have VST plugins where they are not in a particular program’s folder. That is a better arrangement.

I will begin testing version 4 songs in version 5 to see what differences I find.

Hi vivona:
That sounds great… And… With no issues?

Did you remove the folder-and-all from V-4? or Just the files that were in the VST Folder? Leaving the empty VST folder?

I only use n-Track as an Editor… Well, that’s not exactly true. But I believe that any, editor that uses the plugs I have installed looks at the VST folder in V4… I think GoldWave looks at my VST Folder… ??

Now… I’m unsure… :O ???


I made the new folder, moved all the VST files there, and deleted the one in the n-Track folder.

Goldwave doesn’t support VST effects. Check all your other audio programs, they should have an option to set the path to the new VST folder. Worst case would be to have to edit the registry if the path was set during installation and is now not changable.

Hi vivona:
I may “Play-it-Safe”. When I get the courage to attempt this, I will create a restore point with thew XP Desks I have and then copy the .dll files in the the newly created VST folder that I’ll create in the C:/ Program Files… Then Point n-Track VST to the newly created folder and see what happens…

If I have done this correctly, I’ll attempt some similar move in/on the '98SE Desks in the studio Daw’s to see how the '98SE Desk and n-Track behaves…

It’s a shame that I am unable to run V4 build 2099 on any of the DAW’s and Desks I have here… I don’t know what may have caused this issue… I don’t think anyone up here has that to contend, with…

I have a few other issues that no one can replicate, as well… Maybe, somehow these issues are connected/related… I found work-arounds for these… But , eventually, work-arounds lead to other issues… somewhere, down the road…


So, what has been the experience of those that have made the switch to 5 and uninstalled 4.x?

Any problems with songs created in 4 running on 5?

Any problems when you uninstalled version 4?

I didn’t want the complexity of two versions of n-Track on the same PC, so I did a complete uninstall of versions 4 and 5, then did a fresh install of version 5 and set up all my preferences. All worked fine with build 2193, then I upgraded to 2201 and it would crash upon hitting the stop button. Flavio quickly fixed that with build 2202 and that is the version I am currently on. As of this time, n-Track is at build 2204 but with no change log I don’t know what these fixes would bring so I am going to stay with 2202 for now.

I have not had any compatibility problems with wave files and plug-ins from previous projects.

Has anyone experienced any version 4 to 5 issues?

Hi vivona:
When you installed build 2202 and it fixed the issue you had with build 2201 there wasn’t a change log posted by Flavio… The same thing happens when someone has an issue with a build that fixes their issue…

I believe that Flavio only posts a “Change log” if something (feature) is added to the version… that wasn’t in the previous build… or last change log.

I’ve had an issue with one updated build that didn’t remove the “Desk Icon”. I have NOT manually removed the “OLD” icon… I don’t know what issue it might cause if I do… I think it was the first build of v5.0.3

I have both versions of n-Track on this P-111 computer… V4 build 2099 and v5.0.3 or whatever the latest/current build of v5 is… Currently, it’s build 2202… I notice, I have a Timeline issue when I launch n-Track… It happened when I moved some track/files/,sng files into another folder. or, that’s what I think I did/happened… I get a pop-up screen on an empty timeline desk that says “ERROR OPENING PROJECT FILE”

If the error continues, I may have to ask Flavio how to fix this… or… Maybe, some one up here can suggest how to fix this… I’ve seen this before but I am unable to remember how I got this screen removed…

Can anyone help me or suggest a “Quick Fix” for this issue?


I got this “Opening Error” fixed. I don’t know if the fix is the same one that I did on earlier issues, but this opening error is not an issue anymore…