Upgrading to 5.9

I have purchased the 5.0 upgrade. I am a current user of version 3.3
When I try to download this I receive an error of “The connection with the server was reset” and something is stopping me from downloading the 5.0 version.
Can someone help please?
I use a Dell 4550 with a P4 256 RAM Audiofile 24/96 card.
I appreciate your help!

Thank you

Hi pianoman:
It sounds as if your browser is not allowing you to open the download “Pop-up” window. Do you get an upper margin border as you to download the file? If not then … when you click on the link to download the file do so by pressing the control key… then > the mouse-click to download the file… That should open the pop-up screen that asks you where you want the file to download… to…

The latest build is v5.0.2 build 2193

I hope that helps…


Also, (assuming you are using IE), try right-clicking the download link on the download page and select “Save Target As”.