upgrading to XP question?

I have 2 hard drives, system: with the OS (win98se) and audio: with my songs, songparts and samples. When I upgrade the system drive to XP what do I do with the audio drive? Just leave it alone?

Convert it to either FAT32 or NTFS when you’ve upgraded OSs.

Thanks, MidnightToker. Will the files on the audio drive be affected by the conversion?

Can you backup the files on the drive before converting? I normally backup everything and reformat the whole drive, and then copy the data back on.

A backup is a good idea before any major change. But, the files will not be effected in anyway if all goes as expected. You will notice absolutely no difference in the files by changing the file system. I prefer NTFS becuase it has a lot of features that protect your data that FAT32 does not have. Seeing that you have WIN98 now, I would guess you already have FAT32 so no conversion is probably necessary. Also, know that you are coming from Win98, I would imagine your machine to be a bit older and may be slowed down a bit by NTFS. So hopefully that gives you some things to think about.