now running vista on a dual core athlon and tried to reload nTrack 3.3 (the last version i have registered), but it won’t load - i keep getting a temp memory error.

so i decide to upgrade to version 6 - thinking ver 3.3 must not like vista?

paid via PayPal and am waiting for the download info and codes to come via email - until then, I was wondering will the “upgrade” version of 6 load onto my PC without ver 3.3 installed? and if so will it know i previously registered ver 3.3?

thx/ alex

On the Temp memory error,
you probably have songfiles, and songs from v 3.3 there somewhere right?
I know that v 6 has no problem with songfiles from v 4 & 5… But I don’t know about v 3…
meaning, If version 6 can play your v3 songfiles with all the effects data and eq settins.

nTrack v3.3 installed ok but won’t open?
Or won’t install?

I would use windows tool to uninstall v 3.3 and run a registry checker, and correct errors.
Then install
v 3.3 and v 6, they can co’exist ok.
V6 will install with or without v3 but unless you
fix what is stoping v3, V6 probably wont install/load eather.
This isn’t a problem I hear much about.
N always seems to load.

If you stick to the latest build - not the beta - your old song files should convert when you open them in 6.
a couple of things I would do first. copy the wave and sng files to a new directory before opening them. I would delete all of the .npk files that N-track had created with version 3.
You do not have to have version 3 on the computer to upgrade to 6

thanks gents - i had never run ver 3.3 on this PC so there wouldn’t be any old song files causing the problem - i went ahead and uninstalled both versions - then reinstalled just ver 6 - seems to have installed perfectly this time.

i will piddle around with the preferences until my registration codes get here - not real sure how my integrated sound card will perform (realtek)? i still need to find a cheap mixer before i start recording. i don’t plan to bring back any old song. gonna start from scratch.

thanks again!

oh yea - i didn’t install the beta - - i went with the latest build.

Arh… you’re smarter than you look matey!

Tell us… how bad did it REALLY weird you out when those rocks turned into crabs and started makin’ off with the Pearl? :laugh:


PS And DO listen to these guys… STAY AWAY from the Beta! It’s FUBAR at the moment. Flavio will get it sorted I’m sure but right now, leave it be…

“[as he sees rock-like crabs] Now we’re being followed by rocks. Never heard that before…” once i get my head wrapped around captain jack sparrow’s character - almost nothing weirds me out :cool: :agree:

look’n fwd to getting back into laying down a few tracks. any advice on USB or firewire interface boxes that seem to work well with nTrack would be great - !? i’m only looking to need 2 simultaneous ‘ins’.

Tascam US-122l for Vista

Ditto ^^^ 'cept I’m on XP… poo on Vista… :p


I still tell folks to find an older 122 if they are not using Vista. Great rock solid boxes until they botched their Vista drivers and built a new model instead.

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Jan. 20 2009, 12:33 PM)

Tascam US-122l for Vista

i have been reading up on the 122L and the 144... really can't see much difference except the 144 has spdif and is a bit more money.

so in your opinion - the 122L seems to play well with nTrack and vista - can you elaborate?

That’s the only difference; S/PDIF. If you don’t need it, save a few bucks.

As mentioned, my experience is with XP and it has been a great little unit. I had an original US-122 for several years that is now on permanent loan to a friend so I got a US-122L to replace it. The newer “L” has better audio specs, is USB2.0 “Hi-Speed” capable and can run sampling rates up to 96 khz. If none of that mumbo jumbo is important to you, AND you are on XP, find an original US-122 on eBay for cheap.


With each new avatar should come a new quote, gents, pls.

sswwwwoooossshhhhhhhh… wow - that went right over my head

well i’m gonna try to make vista work - i like it for everything else (rather - i’m now used to it).

OK - - - i am liking the 122L and can pick up brand new unit for $130 delivered off of eBay - but my budget can go up to $250 - so are there any other boxes worth looking into???- the floor is open to suggestions. ???