Urgent help with crash on 'play'

late nights and deadline approaching

Hey gang. Occassion forum user, long time nTrack user.

I need some urgent help. I’m running the latest version of 4.0.X build 1846. I keep getting crashes during playback and mixing.

Specifically: I have about 10-20 tracks, 2 aux effects sends (comp and reverb) and then another handfull of effects on several group channels. CPU usage is about 10-20%. n-Track is crashing with no error message (seemingly arbitrarily) when: I hit the “play” button OR when I double click the timeline to play OR when I adjust an EQ during playback OR when I adjust a channel level during playback.

This is driving me nuts as n is recording fine, but mixing is proving to be a hass (especially since I have to mix 10 songs in the next 2 days!! hahaha).

When I hit “play” there seems to be a half second lag and my PC seems like a chugs for a second before it plays. Is it trying to process too much info at the beginning of playback? Could a buffer setting help with this a bit? Any advice would really help me out.

are you sure the problem isnt’t associated with one of the plugins you’re using?

remove them one at a time and test after each removal.

check the “leave devices open” option under preferences. (this may or may not be a factor in newer versions)

these are just some thoughts that popped into my head. hope things work out.


I’m just using the FA soft compressors and the nTrack reverb… shouldn’t be any prob should it? I’ll try that though.

Problem is it’ll run fine for 2 - 10 mins and then crash when I hit play at some random time.