that was a hardy few weeks!

Wow! That really was a few hard weeks, I’ve had the flu, coupled with a chest infection and headaches that made it impossible to do little else than sit in a dark room and pray, I can honestly say it’s fantastic to be back!

Got some great news too, We went away this weekend on the Alpha course and Robby became a Christian. How fantastic that we are now planning to be baptised together on the morning of our wedding!

I hope that you are all well, you had better have all missed me heaps ???

Ange x

ps: Also I somehow managed to bag myself a job in a local primary school, vocal coaching. I start on Thursday. Wish me luck!

Great! What a way to start a marriage - cool beans!

HA! Fantastic news Ange! The family that prays together, STAYS together. :agree:

Good luck with the new job and YES we did miss you.


(Geez these wimmen can sure be ‘needy’…) ROFL! :p Just teasin’ Ange… put the skillet down…

Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery :)

Yeah we have that course at our church too, it’s great if you can understand the British humor or accent for that matter…ducks a tomato bomb…tee hee

I can’t believe you were going to marry someone who was not a believer that’s just asking for hardship, but hey it looks like you found favor with God and He spared you that! :agree:

Best of wished with the marriage may it be peaceful and comforting, in Y’shua’s name I pray, Amen.

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

Hey Ange,

Good to have you back, sounds like good news all around. Got some work for you coming up Mrs ??? I’m sure Rob is the same guy you fell in love with, believer or not, but it does make it a bit cosier for you :agree:
Good Luck Girl!!

We missed you “oodles and gobs” Ange.
Glad you got through the sicky yuckies ok.

Glad you’re recovering Ange!

Missed ya bunches and bunches!

aww thanks guys :)


Got some work for you coming up Mrs

:;): I’ll look forward to it.

Good to be back.

Ange x
:agree: Hi Ange! Happy your feeling better! Sorry that you where suffering! Hey Ange this is a little off topic, but do y'all eat "peanut butter and jelly" over there? ??? That stuffs so good, I'm stuffing my face with it now. Anyway, sorry you where hurting.

Welcome back from the sickward! Hope Rob doesn’t get it…or hasn’t had it.

Sorry to hear about the flu getting you down, but the other news is exceptionally good. (You might wanna hang on to that Rob fella.) I noticed you hadn’t been around, but figured with a wedding to plan and prepare for, and all the collaboration offers you were bound to be getting, you just couldn’t find the time. Anyway, good to have you back. :agree: