US-428/24-Bit Issue?


I’ve been trying to work at 24-Bit, and I keep getting a Warning window telling me to be sure my soundcard is assigned properly concerning bit depth. The window(s) comes up several times, and then will play the tracks in the timeline window after I make them finally go away. This is a drag to do every time!

I’m using a Tascam US-428, which is a 24-Bit soundcard (24-Bit converters AD/DA). At 16-Bit, everything seems to be fine. I have the 24-Bit n-Track, though, and I’ve assigned the devices properly, far as I can tell:

I’m using WDM, at 24-Bit individual Mono tracks (not unpacked or justified- don’t know what that is anyway). If I use ASIO, that brings other problems, WDM started off seeming to work o.k., but I don’t remember what Bit-Depth I was using… I think 24-.

I’d really like this to go away! Anyone have an idea?

Thanks for your time and expertise!

Try the MME devices. Contrary to the warning dialogs I haven’t been able to do 24 bits with ASIO or WDM with my Gina24. Stuff like this is usually driver specific and it’s hard to know just the right combinations that work. Maybe you are having a similar problem as mine. (mine isn’t a problem any longer since it work of course)

Thanks Phoo. After all the talk about MME I’ve heard, I’d never have tried it. Just goes to show ye.

MME works! No problems evident at this time. Thanks again, Phoo.

Maybe Flavio should change the warning dialog. :)

Glad it works!!