US has formally ended search for WMD

What a joke!!!

I could have saved the US a lot of money because I was skeptical that WMDs existed 2 years ago. After Powell went to the UN with his presentation, I was pretty sure that there were no WMD because Powell’s presentation was basically a joke. After Blix & Duelfer released their interim reports, I knew that there was none.

If Clinton had lied like this, the right-wing would have screamed bloody murder & have impeached him again.

The world is getting NUTS!

Mr Soul

They’ve stopped looking?

That’s gonna be bad news for the Iraqi insurgents…

…now they have to figure out how to get an H-bomb out of a camel’s arse. :(

Yep - stopped yesterday, or the report that they’d stopped, was yesterday.

You didn’t hear how the CIA got busted for trying to smuggle WMD across the border??? This was early after we invaded!! :p :p :p