USB Audio interfaces

Hey folks,

Anybody got comments on USB interfaces?

I want to get something sorted for my son to use on his laptop for his music tech course at school. My budget is extremely limited at present (basically it’s whatever I can get for my Delta 44 on ebay).

Ideally we need 4 or even 8 inputs, (he needs to record drums at some point), but the budget won’t stretch to that the moment so I was wondering about buying a 2 input card to start with and then adding another one at a later date. So are there any USB interfaces that can be sync’d together like the Delta PCI cards can?

I see the little Berry 2 input interfaces are quite cheap over here -
£22 ish, but I tend to avoid the Berry stuff. Next up I guess is the Edirol.

Any comments, experiences, advice and other input gladly accepted.



Sorry you got over looked here Mark - When I saw the need for 4 or even 8 inputs from a USB unit I knew this was over my head.

Yep. If you only need a couple, the Tascam US-122/144 units are great. The Edirol UA-25 is nice but over-priced IMO. For a buncha I/O, the Tascam 1641 looks nice but I have read a few reports of driver problems. Honestly, for more than a couple I/O I’d look for a good FireWire unit but again… more $$$$. I have (well my son has…) a Presonus FireBox that works well and sounds great as well as being very portable. 4 in 6 out. It cost me about 300 smackers new.