usb/hdd questions

My computer has USB ports, and I think they are usb 2, but I want to be sure.

I just bought a external usb harddrive, and want to make sure it’s working with my computer at usb2, otherwise I’m gonna go with firewire.

So, is there an easy way to tell what the usb ports on my computer are?

Also, I am reformatting the drive into ntfs from fat32, it’s been doing it for about 2 hours now, is that normal? It’s a 120gb drive, by the way.

Anyone know if western digital makes good drives?


In your device manager in your System in Control Panel look below the system devices for Universal Serial Bus controllers. Check in this listing for a USB 2.0 root hub…

Also, WD hard drives are excellent. I have a 160, 120, and 80 gig drives spinning quietly and reliably in this box…just make sure you have proper case ventilation to insure reliability of any brand of hard drive…

Alright, there are 8 items in that list, one of them says usb 2.

If I have 6 usb jacks on the computer, does that mean they are all usb 2? 4 are on the back, 2 on the front.

I have it sitting the way it showed in the manual, on little rubber feet, so I assume it is ventilated right.

Thanks for the help!


For digital audio…I say never go USB with an external hard drive, even USB 2.0

The data transfer is done more evenly with firewire and even USB 2.0 will experience slips and spastic fuzzing out in playback on a sporadic basis. I wouldn’t run anything live through USB thats for sure. I use a laptop live for triggering samples and such…so this may be a personal issue for me only, not sure what your using the hard drive for? If its just for a home recording PC it may not be as big of an issue, but if you want the most stable setup, I still say firewire.