USB interface

Recording with usb connected mixer

I just purchased a Alesis multimix 8 usb and I am having some problems. When the unit is connect the Hard ware display shows its connected. I have connected a mic and the recording VU meter shows that it is working but when I try to record there is nothing on the track. Another issue is when I try to record a single track, two tracks appear. Any thoughtsabout what I should be doing?
Dave M.

Sorry not sure if you’re an n-spert or n-ovice… I’ll try a few basic things first.

What devices/drivers have you got set up in n-track’s preferences?

How many VU meters do you get 2, 4?

Are the recording buttons under the recording meters red (ie is recording enabled for that channel)?

AFAICT the Alesis should give you a single stereo output. You’ll get two tracks recorded if you you have n-track set to “record two mono tracks” - click on the hammer under the Recording meter for the options.

Perhaps this might help or jog some thoughts in the right direction.


I’ve been using N-track for 1.5 years but this is the first time I am recordingh to the machine. I record tracks on my Yamaha AW16G and then import them to n-track for editing. In that time I have completed 2 CDS, so I’m not quite a newbie to ntrack but I don’t know anything about the recording process. I follow up on your tips. Thanks