USB keys

Hi, people. Whilst I await the return of my machine, is there a way of getting a usb keyboard to root to n-T on my craptop? Cheers guys.


? My main machine is away, being upgraded and all I’ve got to play with (tech’ wise} is an old laptop and a roll-up usb keyboard that belongs to my 10yr old son:-)
I was hoping it would plug n play through n-T? Can’t find anything in pref’s! But I am a bit on the dim side:-)

I can’t see that it would hurt anything to plug it in -
but I really CAN’T SUGGEST YOU PLUG IT IN I really don’t know and I don’t want to be the guy that caused you a problem.
I think a usb driver is required to recognize a USB (midi) keyboard. If the keyboard has a USB out there should be software somewhere to run it and instructions oin it’s use. Can you do a Google search on the brand and model? I have a Yamaha and it came with software and will not work if the software is not installed.