usb microphone w/ a/d converter

i came across this microphone while browsing on one of the online vendors:…andID=2

does anyone have any experience with this mic?.. i’ve never owned any samson equipment, and haven’t heard good/bad things… but this mic claims to incorporate a 16/48K A/D converter… couple that with the usb, and at $79, it could make a great mic for just getting down ideas… i also have many friends who want to try recording, but are reluctant due to them hearing me enumerate the needed equipment… i’m wondering if this would make it far easier for a complete beginner to get involved…



It would be handy for a portable “music notepad”, or for beginners.

But I’d recommend a different path for beginners, to reduce overall cost. At the low price for that mike, it’s hard to belive it’s good at three different tasks: mike, mike preamp, converter.

My recommendation would be to spend $40 on a little Behringer mixer, and an SM58 or clone (decent clones are available for under $40), and use the computer’s built-in soundcard’s line inputs. This way, you have two pieces of kit that you’ll probably continue to use even if you end up getting a high quality soundcard and a quivver of mikes. And a little mixer is often handy to have, even if you get a soundcard with better mike preamps built in. Plus it’s nice to have more than one mike preamp – each one sounds a bit different, and when recording lots of tracks it’s best to not use the same preamp on them all. (The annoying tendencies of a preamp tend to add up.)

You also need a mike stand and headphones. Cheap headphones can be fine. For monitor speakers, press an old stereo into service (for starters). Beg, borrow, or make a few trips to your favorite pawn shops (the REAL musician’s friend!) Sure, you want good monitors to do good mixing, but it’s better to start with what you can scratch together than to sit idle waiting for enough money to get the good stuff.

But still, an all-in-one mike would be handy, especially if you have a laptop & guitar and are going on a road trip. For some folks it would get used a lot even if the quality isn’t great and they had plenty of other gear. So, it depends on the individual.

PS: Be sure to get the UB802 or better mixer, for the phantom power. The 502 doesn’t have it, and if some day you get a condensor mike you’ll need it. The small price difference between the two is small, and the 802 is far more useful. Plus it has two mike preamps, not just one.

Hi isaac:
That concept is gonna take hold and explode…

I began developing a Mic that I named CEO… way back when… You’ll find the mic Here … My work on it’s design concepts began in '96, or so. By '98 it came to an end when I lost my Brother who was my greatest insparation… to me and the project… Anyway, this mic was gonna have A-D converters and was gonna be wireless, and include everything but the kitchen sink…and Hot-and-Cold Running Maids…and all…

In my mind, this was gonna be a SoundStage Microphone… For the Motion Picture Industry… Well…

However, I don’t think it had enough Duct Tape on the prototypes, to be “A-work-in-Progress” :p :laugh: So, it’s development came to a Grinding Hault… It needs major re-design in it’s Power Supplies… sigh Sometimes, it’s nice to live… “In-the-Past”…

The original ideas and design concepts I have, are not original, by any means, but it looks as though Sampson and Rode are playing with these ideas, in a Big Way… As well, they have the resourses to do the nessessary research, a project like this, requires…


The Samson line is very affordable, and is the only thing i have enough money for, then i get two C3 ones.
Is possible they hasnt the robustness and some color than more expensive microphones, but i found them very nice. In a recent thread i post a mp3 extract of a piano i recorded using two Samson C03,
hear it here.
I guess that the quality of the “analogic” side of the mic is very similar. About the AD converters… i dont know.

Nice recording! The mikes certainly do paint a lovely and intimate picture of the piano and room. What mike preamp?


What mike preamp?

Nothing special, but they are clean, i believe: Yamaha MG10/2 ones to the line in of the sblive.