USB screwed up N or N screwed up USB

this is a good one

my PC has two USB ports - one is permantly connected to my Midisport 2x2 USB box, the other is not normally used -

i have a new Sony Walkman MiniDisk unit which with one of the new 1gig disks inserted acts as a removable hard drive (very handy for transporting any windows files between PCs) -

I pluged in the MD into the unused USB port and switched on the PC - this i have done many many times and as always it showed as up as a removeable drive - OK -

I then opened N and N bombed immediately - not OK - yet N worked perfectly (as always) the day before ????? -

nothing would persuade N to run at all, so i reinstalled it - same thing -

i allways use the same (old) preferences for all new builds of N (to lazy to set them up from scratch every time as we get a new build every few days) -

so i re-installed N again, this time i used the used the use new (default preferences) option and N started perfectly -

now N opens every time with or without the MD pluged in -

just goes to show what problems can occur when you use two things together that you have always used seperately before -

Dr J

The PC and Windows - what a team. I have had similar problems with supposedly plug and play external storage (card readers etc.) I have a recent Toshiba laptop, Windows XP home SP2. Maybe your external drive screwed with the drive letter allocations, confusing n-Track when it tried to find paths or whatever? These days I don’t connect or disconnect anything while using n. I also have a mild annoyance with a firewire external hard drive. The PC takes ages to start if I power the external drive first before starting the PC, and sometimes the PC does not “find” the drive. But if I start the PC first and then power up the external drive, it’s all fine. This goes against my previous experience when using external things like displays and beamers, where it always pays to have them powered and connected before starting the PC, so Windows can find and recognise them during start-up. I guess you stick with what works and don’t lose sleep over the reasons.
TusterBuster ???