use keyboard controller to mix?

Hello. I recently heard about ntrack and am new. I get hand pain from mousing and want to mix using a controller, and I need a basic midi keyboard to add things here and there. I’d like to combine these functions in one device but wonder how friendly ntrack is to that kind of thing.

Do any of you use a midi keyboard this way with ntrack? I’m looking at the Radium 61 (right price) but read somewhere that not all of the features map in ntrack. It has 8 faders, so if I have more tracks I guess I’d bounce a few down to one.

I’ve not done computer-based recording before and am still learning. Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions. jim

Hi !

You can get N-Track to ‘learn’ by moving the controller’s sliders and telling N to detect what its getting. Then you can assign that to mixer functions. In theory it should work (gotto ‘keep midi devices open’) for it to work.

Others might chime in.

This would also be a thing that you can test without buying the software.

Download the latest build (if you haven’t already) and test it.

You won’t need to be able to do a final mixdown just to find out if you could get sliders to work with mixing (volume fader evolutions gets saved in the demo version anyway AFIK, so you should be fine without buying (yet)).



I had a control surface for a while (US428) and also can use the 8 sliders on my workstation keyboard to control the faders in N.

I find it much easier, faster and accurate though to draw volume envelopes to control volume, pans etc. over the duration of the song.
You can zoom right in and get an instantaneous jump in volume exactly where you want it.
Almost impossible to do this with hardware faders.

Also my keyboard only has 8 fders like yours so once you get over 8 tracks you have to start changing the assignments of the faders etc.
Again I find it much easier to just draw the envelopes where I want them and then can easily jump from track to track and make adjustments where I want.

If you do use a control surface you can go back and edit the volume envelopes later. But then if you are going to do that why not just draw them right in the first place?


Have you looked into a Track Ball or Pointer/Pad/Tablet device? I’ve read about a lot of guys that LOVE the pen/tablet deals…

D – personally hates Trackballs but the pen/tablet thing looks interesting… hmmm…

I got a Logitech Marble Mouse, and it’s pretty good for a mouse. It just sits there, and you can click without danger (read: Fear) of the mouse wobbling out of the target.

Thanks everyone. I have a marble mouse so I’ll see how it goes for awhile. No need to buy everything at once.

well, i guess that a dedicated midi mixing table is the most comfortable way to do what you want, but be aware that you can controll n-Track with any input device of your computer. Midi is versatile, and using some proggies, you can even use Joysticks, game pads, mouses, trackballs, etc, to controll n-Track. I used to record the midi volume envelopes trough a joystick.
The good thing is, that, if after a recording session all sound like the content of a trashcan, you can launch “Need for Speed” and get real fun there. After all, you have your hands at the joystick. :;):

Quote (Diogenes @ Jan. 04 2006,17:05)
Have you looked into a Track Ball or Pointer/Pad/Tablet device? I've read about a lot of guys that LOVE the pen/tablet deals...

D -- personally hates Trackballs but the pen/tablet thing looks interesting... hmmm...

What is that, D?