Use your brain!

Using your brain Part One

Hmm. My brain disagrees with this characterization:


the fundamentally unnatural process of translating emotion into sound and making it second nature.

Nothing unnatural about it. Also, I am pretty certain that the processes are not localized in the common “left brain-right brain” way that he starts out with. Evolutionary neurology and psychology suggest many processes are involved, widely distributed. Dunno if that affects his analysis.

Hmph… Using my brain makes my head hurt. I just let the wife do all the thinking.



The guy is a charlatan, he used “illicit” out of context. :laugh:


Oh, man, I know what you mean, that REALLY bugs me. :laugh:

:laugh: I'll read this as soon as I get my eye sight back!

This book is a good read:

Using your mind pt2


Early Ted Nugent!
I never realized how much they seemed to be copping from the Who - the singer especially does a good daltry. Is that just me or is it so?

:laugh: I doubt very seriously if I'll be viewin that one again!
But the look and clothes maybe, for the time.

Yeah, I can hear that. But I also hear the Yardbirds, and probably other bands would come to mind if I listened and thought about it enough.

Yeah, more Yardbirdish to me too. But I think it was more the clothes and look.

Jeez Ted was a yougin and was playing them Birdland’s back then. (Wonder if he went hunting in them duds?) :laugh:

You gotta have a brain to use it, where’d I leave mine . . . . .