Using 'Glaceverb'

This is a little tune from a casual get-together of a few of us at our house. We had the Tascam 788 set up in a room, and a couple mics. Here’s the scenario:

Semi- acoustically treated room, with a short-run hallway adjacent. A small bathroom with plaster walls and a tile floor runs off this adjacent hallway. The Bathroom door from off the hallway was left fully open- a door at the end of this short hallway was shut.

A Studio Projects B-3 mic, in Omni mode, was set just inside this hallway- just off from the room we recorded in. I close-mic’d an acoustic guitar (Alvarez) in the room with an AT-4033a.

All vocals (successive) were done one at a time, overdub-fashion, into the AT-4033a (we only had one pair of headphones!).

Tony, our friend, played guitar into the ‘close’ AT 4033, then sang the song into it. Now, everyone didn’t know the song in the same phrasing, timing, etc., so we ended up with quite a few little inconsistencies concerning the overall performance. I mixed down the result from the 788 into the PC, and got it as tight and balanced as I could: I used panning and levels to gain an entertaining spread of voices (I thought), and EQ’d to get the most out of each voice in the mix.

What to do about the differences in interpretation among the performers? Glaceverb! I pulled it up, and ended up using what I thought was a pretty excessive amount of it- but it gave a kind of ‘ghostly’ effect; a bit David Lynchian, even, which was spooky and cool. ‘Dreamy’ was the word of the moment… and I found it forgave a small multitude of aural sins.

So here’s the Glaceverb effect! Look for “Red River Valley”…

Thanks for listening.

I liked it. Sounds as if it was quite a challenge to put together but it definitely works. I never got the feeling that there was too much reverb. Overall it’s an effective recording.

Dude, it’s like what country used to be when it was good. I dig.

Kind of a better response than I expected. Thanks for the good word, guys. My wife’ll be pleased- as will the rest of our haggard weekenders! Tony, the singer, has that sort of sad-sack lilt going on. He does a Hank Williams that’ll make you want to cry in-a-minute!

That Glaceverb seems to have a ‘sheen-ey’ character to it in general.

I use Glaceverb quite a bit too. It’s one of the better freebies.

Quote (ksdb @ April 22 2006,03:05)
I use Glaceverb quite a bit too. It’s one of the better freebies.

I think so too! I have a bunch of freebies in my PC, and I’m in the process of winnowing down to the ones I’ll really use. This is one… there are quite a few goodies out there. This could become another thread, I’ll hold it!

Anyway, your guys’ remarks have been entirely encouraging- this came at a good time! Cool, thanks again.