Using a Delta 44 Soundcard


Can I use my mackie mixer & guitar amp to connect to a delta 44 Soundcard? I would like to purchase the delta 44, but saw in the set up manual a preamp was used to connect mics & guitar. Thanks

You can certainly use your mixer with the 44. If your amp has a line out you can connect that to the 44; if not, you may wish to use a mic through the mixer. If you have 4 busses, you can send each to an input of the 44, if it is stereo out only you can send the two signals to the card, and use any preamp or preamps and microphones you can afford, or maybe the aux outs on the Mackie to simulate multiple busses. The Delta Manual, which you can get in .pdf format at M-Audio explains several different setups.

I have been quite happy with my 44 for almost 4 years. It has always worked perfectly. Good luck!