Using a midi keyboard

How do I set up?

I’m just getting my feet wet with midi.

Is it possible to use a midi keyboard in live mode (real time recording) with a synth plugin like daHornet?

If so, what steps are required?

I’ve connected the midi in/out between my keyboard and Delta 1010LT. I also selected the Delta 1010LT as the input/out midi device. I selected the “Keep devices open (Check if using a midi keyboard)” and "Input to echo = Auto."

It doesn’t appear that my keyboard is communicating with my 101LT.

Thanks in advance - TJ


A few quick thoughts…

* You need to create a MIDI track and change its preferences to send the output to DaHornet.

* This may seem obvious but MIDI-IN on the soundcard goes to MIDI-OUT on the keyboard (and vice versa).

* You need n-track to be in “Live” mode if you want to hear the Vsti.

See if you can record MIDI. That will let you know if the input is working OK. Then if you playback that track you should hear what you recorded. That will test playback. (Note: you need the Recording Icon on the toolbar to be either a keyboard or a keyboard+mic to allow MIDI to be recorded).

Don’t really know much about this myself but came across this article in the WIKI which sounds like what you’re asking for


Thanks for the help.

I have no problem recording a midi track from my keyboard and playing it back via the keyboard. I can’t seem to assign my synth plugin to the track. I checked the midi track preferences, but it doesn’t appear to be a way to assign the plugin like you can assign plugins and effects to a wave file.

I’m able to use daHornet by adding a new channel and assigning daHornet, but I can’t get my keyboard to take control of the plugin.

Like I said, I’m new at midi. I’ve recorded the analog outputs from my keyboard for years, but would like to take adavntage of some of the vintage synth plugins available.

See page two of THIS thread. Maybe it will help.


Thanks All!!

The info at the link filled the holes for me, D!

I’m up and running with me midi keyboard and plugins. In addition to daHornet, I down-loaded the Crystal synth plugin for free and it really kicks A$$!! It comes with a truck load of banks to load as well. I can’t believe how much new life this breathed into my ol’ trusty Optimus keyboard!!

I have a feeling that I’m going to have some late nights this weekend.

Your help is greatly appreciated!!

Sweet! Glad to be of service sir! :)

Just don’t blame the bags under the eyes on me. :D


PS The world of soft synths is WAY COOL bro’. You’re gonna have a blast! Me? I’m not much on keys but I like trying out new sounds even if I have to hack each note in one at a time.

Yes, D. I do had some real heavy baggage under my eyes this morning when I left for work. lol

I had a blast with my new-found midi knowledge. I downloaded a really good Hammond B-3 emulator called ORGANized from www. The Leslie speaker effects is great. It was only a 15-euro donation (As opposed to Native Instruments $200 emulator). It’s definitely worth downloading the demo!!

I also downloaded Crystal - a softsynth that is free with a ton of banks.

Bottom line - I’m having a blast!!