using an external sound card with n-track


hey, im interested in getting a 24-bit sound card for my laptop, with .CREATIVE - USB SOUND BLASTER AUDIGY 2 NX being the one that looks the best. im interested to no if this card will work fine in n-track as ive heard some creative cards only interact with the software that comes with it.
also if anyone nos any similar external sound cards which wont set me back as much money, please say!

hi yubious… i have that same exact card, and yes, it works fine with ntrack… however, i now wish that i’d have purchased some other device that is better for recording purposes… tascam makes a usb input device that is a competitive price and will probably serve you better… there are quite a few others that have at least two inputs and are barely a few dollars more… i’ve discovered the creative cards are best left to gamers and entertainment… there are unique problems with the creative cards, too… just search the forum, i’m sure you’ll find plenty…

hope we can help,

hey thanks for ur reply, how much did u pay for urs, jus so i can get an idea of the prices ive seen.
also, u speak of problems, i searched the forum and cudnt find any, can u give me an idea of the problems u av experienced.