Using Audiophile Delta 24/96 with Vista

Hi All,

My old PC just died - maybe a good thing - lol

The new one has Windows Vista Home Premium but although it reports that the ap soundcard is “installed enabled and working”, when I try to play a file it says that it can’t play it and the sound card might not be working correctly.

Wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this.



M-Audio doesn’t have any Vista drivers available right now. Regardless of whether or not device manager reports it working, it’s probably useless until M-Audio released Vista drivers.

Check out M-Audio’s site:…beba029

Thanks Phoo!


It’s a real shame. This kind of thing will keep a lot of us from going to Vista. It was similar situation when Win2K came out though, yet it seems worse now because there isn’t a easy hack that can be done to existing drivers to make some of them (sort of) work like there was back then.

It’s not just audio drivers, even though I have Vista drivers for my audio card there are none for the video card. My machine at work has no Vista SATA harddrive controller drivers or netcard drivers. (that machine will blue screen at first reboot)

AND…if I don’t uninstall Nero 6 from the home machine it may not reboot after an upgrade, even if none of the other missing drivers will cause a reboot failure.

My problem is that the old machine is completely broken so it’s not a choice of upgrading to Vista or not.

I’m in the middle of re-installing all my stuff and so far nothing seems to like Vista.

At the moment I’m trying Xampp from Apache Friends that I use for developing my wife’s web site and that has no Vista support. My favourite sailing simulation apparently wont work in Vista so we have to wait for a new version of that (some time!) etc. etc.

The ap 24/96 you posted was great though as it looks as though they are working on it - hopefully wont be long.

Thanks again


Standard advice: It usually takes at least a YEAR before a new OS becomes stable and all the programs/drivers/plugs are re-written for it. Until then it’s best to try to avoid it for a production machine.

It’s tough when you have to buy a new PC and the manufacturers don’t give you a choice. But that’s M$ strongarm marketing tactics for you…