Using CT Karaoke Filter

Question about plugin effect

oops. Hit return when posting image without explanation. I have a song from a CD that I converted to wave and imported to n-Track (24 bit 4.16). I am trying to use (experiment) with the CT Karaoke Filter plug-in effect that came with this. When I try to apply the effect to the track I get the error above. I have tried it with a single mono track and a stereo track. To no avail. Oh and I’m using a windows XP machine with an external SoundBlaster 24 bit sound card. Thanks for any help or advice. (I actually got nTrack for more serious work but promised my Wife I’d record her singing a Karaoke SOng)

That’s not an n-track plugin. Must’ve been on your system from something else.

I did a google search for the plugin but didn’t find anything sensible.

Oh, and your image isn’t viewable so I can’t comment on the error. EDIT: 'cos you’ve linked to a file on the Desktop of your PC…



You need to upload the image to some webspace that we can all see… unless of course you want to turn off your Firewall, give us your IP address and open up your C drive to the Internet community :p )