Using Fader Automation

Cant view DB Levels Using Fader Automa


I am using Version 5.0.4

I am using Fader Automation, when I turn a tracks up or down, the db meters do not rise or fall as I move the sliders. So, might I ask, if the readouts dont display during the fader move, how do you know how many DB you have raised the fader and more importantly, how do you find your back and reset the fader in its original location?



Is Fader Automation the same as Volume Envelope?

If so, just hover the mouse over the envelope line and it will display the the db + or - from zero.

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No Fader automation is not the same as volume envelope
Fader Automation is when Ntrack remembers what you do with your faders during mixdown, Volume envelopes are the little green lines imposed over each track that alows you to adjust volume that way
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automation, as per mixing console is not supported as N does not have a seperate memory for this as a console would have - N just follows the settings you make to the envelopes -

for those who do not know how to use Ns automation -

one - you change the volume lines with the mouse - faders follow line on playback -

two - you adjust level with faders in realtime which then adjusts the levels of the green lines -

there are two small grey buttons on the right hand side of the toolbar -upper button when selected activates point one - lower button activates point two - beware of point two it can go drastically wrong - have vol envelopes on view to see what is happening -

master output(s)(blue lines) can be controlled by master track faders but as far as i know pan can only be controlled by the mouse -

some effects can be controled but only by mouse or MIDI controller

Dr J

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THis is confusing because the User Guide states

An alternate way to program the evolution of a parameter is the use of fader automation. During playback, click the little grey circle on the main transport toolbar. When this button is selected every action on the mixer’s fader is recorded (Volume sliders and pan). Then hit the triangle and fader actions will be played back… But then it says, Once an evolution has been recorded movign a fader, it can be edited on the time line window. Is there where you would go in and adjust the green lines super imposed over the wav display?

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instructions are for ‘ye olde version 4’ all that happens is that when you use the fader it records the fader movments on the green line - you can redraw by mouse if you want - just insert a track, click the bottom of the two buttons (on v 5) it turns red (record) - click on envelope icon select vol (green line) start playback and watch envelope line change as you move fader -

Dr J